10 Minutes of Heaven

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Sometimes there's nothing as erotic as simply stealing your spouse away into a dark closet and making outDon’t have time for a full-out lovemaking session? No problem. Sometimes there’s nothing quite as spicy as keeping it short and sweet. Even if you only get to making out and fondling for ten minutes, the act will open doors to greater desires that will eventually grow too strong to resist.

When’s the last time the two of you escaped into a dark closet together and just let yourselves go for a little while? What’s stopping you from realizing erotic bliss? The intimacy of a tight space, plus the imagination in a dark area, compounded with a limited amount of time, is a perfect formula for sexual tension. It’s the kind of fun young lovers are good at but you may have forgotten how to do. Don’t think it’s got to be all or nothing. Make a habit of stealing each other away to private places, whenever possible, not only for your daily dose of fun, but to keep the embers of desire burning. Of course, as referenced in the last post, you’ll always want to have the lovemaking essentials at hand.

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