3 Amazing Romantic Getaways … In Your House

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You don't need to travel to an exotic location for great intimacy and romance

  1. The Beach. To experience the serenity of white sands on a tropical island, you need travel no further than your living room. Simply lay out some beach towels, and set a TV or computer screen to this Youtube video: 3 Hour Video of A Tropical Beach with Blue Sky White Sand and Palm Tree. To reach a tropical temperature, you may need to adjust the thermostat, and for the right amount of lighting, you may need to bring in every lamp you’ve got … but then, less lighting may be more romantic. When it’s time for a dip, why not take a bath or shower together? Maybe you even have access to a kiddy pool! In any case, you’ll have put on some sexy swimwear to show off your beach bodies and rub each other with oil … not optional. Make a refreshing treat of pina coladas. Read to each other from a romantic book. And when you’re ready to take things to the next level (you guessed it), enjoy sex on the beach.
  2. The rustic cabin. If you live around snow, there’s no reason your house can’t be every bit as romantic as a cabin in the woods. What’s romantic about cabins isn’t the warm shelter in itself but the warm shelter AFTER having been in the snow. Thus, go outside and make some snow angels, build an igloo, do whatever you have to in order to make your cozy house seem more inviting than ever before. Then run inside and warm up by a fireplace with some hot chocolate. Don’t have a fireplace? Youtube comes to the rescue again: The Best Fireplace Video (3 hours long). Of course, wherever the fireplace is, that’s where you’ll want to lay out some snuggly quilts and get to the action.
  3. Outer Space. As long as we’re thinking exotic, why not think above and beyond, where no one has gone before? When’s the last time you enjoyed a sexy Star-Trek-themed role-play? For ambiance (you guessed it), Youtube can help a lot: Amazing Ambient Space Music Yoga Relaxing Meditation. Pick up some freeze-dried astronaut cuisine from your local planetarium and maybe some Dippin Dots (after all, it is the “ice cream of the future”). When it’s time to take things to the next level, how about some aluminum foil lingerie? Ridiculous? Of course, but sometimes that’s just what you need for a good time! MarriedGames.org members have access to a sexy space-themed role-playing script that could take things from there.

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