7 Ways to Get in the Mood for Sex When You’re Tired

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As you are about to dive into your pillow, your spouse catches your eye. They want love. You want to give them love. But you’re dead tired. What to do? Instead of making yourself do it halfheartedly, try these ideas to wake yourself up.

  1. Step outside
    No matter the weather, the action of getting up, getting clothes on, and escorting your spouse out the door will get your blood flowing. Go on a walk, if possible.
  2. Chew peppermint gum
    Not only will it’s strong flavor help wake up your senses, but the act of chewing tells your body to wake up. Make sure to offer a piece to your spouse, or better yet, share yours.
  3. Laugh
    Find that video online that made you laugh so hard the other day. Listen to your favorite stand up comedian. Initiate a tickle fight. Just make sure the tickle fight evolves into you know what.
  4. Turn on upbeat music and dance
    Make sure the station or playlist is full of songs that beg for movement. A well defined beat is a must. Try something with brassy or edgy instruments. Turn up the volume to a slightly uncomfortable level if you can. Don’t worry about dancing romantically at first. Focus on moving and having fun. When the music has awakened you, then be sure to show your romantic side.
  5. Play chase
    Sounds silly, but if you’re still sleepy you need to get away from the bedroom as a resting place and come back to it as a love place. Tell your spouse you’ll give them a 10 second head start before you chase them down. Take turns until you can return to the bedroom ready for action. Or if needs be, don’t return to the bedroom at all…
  6. Splash cold water in your face
    This is not for the faint of heart, but it is extremely effective. For maximum results, turn the shower on cold water and jump in. Extra points if you get your spouse to join you.
  7. Paint on your spouse
    Edible paint is a worthy addition for your love making stash. Have your spouse strip. You can paint innocently to begin with, licking as you go, to help you get in the mood. Strip yourself and invite your spouse to have a turn. Soon you’ll be enjoying each other in more ways than one. Some of our favorites are Edible Body Icing, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Body Paint, and Chocolate Fantasy Body Topping Sampler. Give them a try!

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