Day 20 – Argument Resolution, Communication, Read

“Love is the greatest gift when given. It is the highest honor when received.” – Fawn Weaver


  1. Without placing blame, discuss how you can get through arguments/disagreements better. What triggers arguments? Do you use helpful or harmful language? Can you be more forgiving? Make a commitment that the next time a disagreement arises, you will use “I feel” statements instead of blaming statements such as “You make me feel”. Promise that you’ll do your part to make arguments turn into win-win situations. If there are serious arguments in your past that you have not resolved or if you would simply like to make your marriage healthier, make an appointment to visit a marriage therapist together.
  2. How do you communicate and how do you want to be communicated to? Everyone has their unique way of communicating and you need to understand and respect each other’s modes of communication. One person may prefer to discuss issues frankly while the other person likes to pick up on body language cues. Make an effort to communicate using your spouse’s preferred method when the next important issue comes up.
  3. Snuggle close and read something aloud together.


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