adult role-playing outlineFox and Rabbit

A Sexy Role-play for a Husband and Wife


A seductive story starring a love-hungry fox and a defiant rabbit who eventually gives in. Parts are interchangeable for both to enjoy being the prey and preyed upon.


  • Either - Mr or Miss Fox
  • Either - Mr or Miss Rabbit


  • Fox puts on his/her foxiest clothing and/or lingerie.
  • Rabbit puts on his/her most attractively innocent clothing and/or lingerie.


  • Rabbit is going home until Fox gets in the way. Fox greets Rabbit with sexual innuendos about how delicious he/she looks, mentioning many parts of Rabbit's body.
  • Rabbit plays hard to get and responds with sass, saying he/she will have nothing to do with a fox. Fox declares he/she won't take no for an answer, then corners Rabbit.
  • Fox kisses and licks Rabbit's hands and arms, frequently stating how delicious they are. Rabbit continues to say defiant statements, but is starting to be seduced by the Fox.
  • Rabbit snaps out of seduction for a moment and is able to break free. Rabbit leads Fox on a chase that leaves Rabbit cornered once again.
  • Fox holds Rabbit from behind and starts necking Rabbit. Rabbit tries to say sassy things, but is starting to get seduced and gives in more easily.
  • Fox slowly and hungrily takes off Rabbit's clothing while Rabbit weakly attempts to keep his/her clothing on.
  • Rabbit breaks free again and another chase ensues, ending with Rabbit being trapped again.
  • Fox carries or leads Rabbit to the bed, then begins to remove his/her own clothing.
  • The story continues as Fox rubs the Rabbit's body in preparation for sex and the Rabbit tries to be defiant but eventually gives in to sex.