adult role-playing outlineGoddess and Servant

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This is an excellent outline for helping a reserved woman to loosen up, feel truly loved, communicate her desires, and achieve orgasm.


  • He - servant
  • She - goddess


  • The servant can't do anything without the goddess's permission.
  • He should be absolutely obedient and non-judgmental to whatever she asks.
  • It's important that he helps her feel absolutely secure and open for communication by making it clear that he's there to fulfill all of her desires.
  • This is an exercise in helping the woman improve her sexual enjoyment, so it's essential that she feels free and unashamed to ask for anything that feels good.
  • It's also important that she takes full advantage of this opportunity to be pampered and doesn't feel a need to return any favors.


  • The servant prepares a sensual environment for lovemaking, including a hot bath and a bed (consider candlelight, rose pedals, sparkling drinks, romantic music, etc.).
  • He informs the goddess that he's been assigned to oversee her bath.
  • With her permission, the servant delicately undresses the goddess and helps her into the bath.
  • With admiraiton, he washes her entire body, even shaving her if she desires.
  • After the bath, the servant dries off the goddess and leads her to the bed.
  • With the her permission, he takes his time in touching, kisses, and admiring every part of her body.
  • Eventually he lubricates her vagina and penetrates while continually stimulating her clitoris to help her achieve orgasm.
  • During sex, he follows here desires as to positions and intensity.
  • After orgasm, the servant continues to hold the goddess close and touch her for as long as she desires.