Sex Games: Part 17 – Wordplay

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Sex games; part 17 - Word playThis game can be played in addition to Foodplay or played separately. You’ll want to use food that has some type of dispensing nozzle, in other words, easy to write with nozzle. We recommend frosting in a zip lock back with the tip cut off or piping bag, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Of course, you can choose any food items you’d like and you don’t have to limit yourself to just three you can use more; though the use of less is not recommended. As with any foodplay, be sure you grab towels, wetnaps and napkins for an easier clean up and so that you do not ruin any furniture.

You and your partner will start by deciding the consequences and rewards; for example, a consequence could be your partner gets spanked twice on each cheek, a reward could be manual stimulation for 1 minute. Then, you and your partner will need to assign a category to each food you have selected. Now, the fun begins and you’ll write a word anywhere on your partner’s body. Your partner should be lying down; use of a blind fold is also recommended, though not necessary so long as your partner does not look at the word. Then, they will either choose to guess, based on the feeling of the food and the type, or they can ask for a hint. (Please see below for a list of words and hints.) Only allow your partner 3 guesses, if they lose, give them a consequence, if they guess correctly, they get a reward. After their consequence or reward switch places and repeat.

Words and Hints

  1. I love you

Hint: Olive Juice

  1. Vagina or Pussy

Hint: Cat

  1. Ass

Hint: Donkey

  1. Smack

Hint: Gum

  1. Dick

Hint: another name for a guy who is considered to be a jerk

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