Sex Games: Part 20 – Spin the Bottle

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Sex Games; Part 20 - Spin the BottleHere’s another childhood game that used to seem too innocent. It was perfect for flirting and harmlessly experimenting in your younger years. You can change the entire feel and memory of this game with a few simple rule changes. Spin the bottle doesn’t have to just be about kissing a boy or a girl you like, you can make it a romantic sexual game between you and your partner. Move past the quick peck on the lips and push the boundaries by spicing things up.

  1. Select a bottle of your choice. Tip: Best if used after emptied
  2. Take a piece of paper and cut it in fourths, or use index cards
  3. You will take half of the stack of papers and your partner receives the other half
  4. You each can write down any actions you’d like (Examples at the bottom)
  5. Make a capped time limit, so something like, no act to last longer than 2-5 minutes.
  6. Combine and shuffle your papers to be in an unknown order
  7. Take turns spinning the bottle, if it lands on you, pick a paper and preform the action as written and vice versa.


  1. French Kiss
  2. Striptease
  3. Lap Dance
  4. Lick … off my body
  5. 7 minutes in heaven (this can be more than one paper) up the stakes, not just 7 minutes of kissing on a coat closet. Try 7 minutes in the bathroom making out, in the kitchen mutually masturbating, on the porch dry humping, etc.

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