Sex Games: Part 9 – Solve My Mystery

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Solve My MysteryWe have 5 senses, sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. This is how we experience the world around us. We use our sight more than any other sense, if this is taken away, we must rely on our other senses, which heightens them. Do things taste the same when you cannot see them? Do things sound the same; can you make out what you’re hearing? What about smells or various objects?

Our skin is very sensitive because of tiny receptors that connect to our nerves. We have the most receptors on our hand and face than anywhere else. For this reason, our hands act as our second pair of eyes. When we touch things, we’re provided with a detailed picture of what the item must look like from our brains.

Men mostly rely on visual to push them over the edge during intercourse. So, when wearing a blindfold may actually decrease their arousal. Women, however, are the complete opposite; take away our sight and we feel less inhibited, we can imagine and fantasize easier which boosts our arousal. Take away sight and hearing from a man or women before sex and you will increase their sexual anticipation. By using earplugs in addition to the blind fold you are heightening the excitement for different textures and vibrations against your skin.

Solve My Mystery

A fun game that includes both men and women involving sensory and trust

For a woman and man

  1.    Start by blindfolding your spouse, while your vision is fully intact. Ensure the blindfold is sung, but not too tight.

Tip:May seem like common sense, but make sure if you are tying the blind fold, tie it to the side, you do not want it hurting your partner’s head when they lay down.

Tip: You don’t actually have to spend money on a blind fold, a bandana, scarf or even nylon tights will do the trick.

  1.    Decide how and where you would like your spouse to be.

Example:Sitting, standing, on a chair, on a rug etc.

  1.    Start by feeding them aphrodisiac finger foods

Common Aphrodisiacs:Almonds, Chocolate, Figs, Honey, Strawberries, Oysters

  1.    Next, begin teasing your spouse with various objects and have your spouse guess what you are using.

Examples:Roll a beaded necklace over his inner thigh, dangerously close. Drizzle warmed chocolate sauce over her chest and nipples and lick it off. Caress his penis with a silky thong. Run a feather up and down her outer labia and inner thigh. You can find other kinky things to use like fur, or soft fabrics such as satin or velvet.

  1.    Wait for your spouse to correctly guess the item you are using before moving on to the next item.
  2. If she is blindfolded, she can and should keep the blindfold on through intercourse. Although, if he is the one blindfolded, it should probably be removed before intercourse.

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