Sexy Role-playing Outlines

  • Convict and Inspector sexy role-playing outline

    Convict and Inspector

    In the romantic spirit of Les Misérables and the Scarlet Pimpernel, a beautiful girl finds herself in the dangerous position of hiding her true love, an escaped convict, from a loathsome inspector. But in working her seductive charm, she runs the risk of succumbing to forbidden temptations.

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  • Eros and Psyche role-playing outline

    Eros and Psyche

    An erotic twist of the classic Greek myth of Eros, god of love, and his captive princess, Psyche. The sexually-inexperienced and frightened Psyche is put to the test in blindfolded ordeal of orgasmic proportions.

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  • Fox and Rabbit sexy role-playing outline

    Fox and Rabbit

    An innocent rabbit rubs up with the wrong company: the sinister Mister Fox, who, taking full advantage of her helpless beauty, will stop at nothing to get what he wants; a classic role-play between a lusty male and a girl who plays hard to get.

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  • Goddess and Servat sexy role-playing outline

    Goddess and Servant

    Enjoy celestial bliss in this erotic fantasy designed to spoil her like never before: massaging, caressing, pampering, and titillating up to the perfect orgasm.

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  • Sultan's Harem sexy role-playing outline

    Sultan’s Harem

    An unfortunate sex slave is prepared and instructed on how to fulfill the sexual desires of the greedy sultan. Combined with blindfolded suspense for her and domineering power for him, this one guarantees ecstasy.

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