1 Year of Dating – 1 Puzzle

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1 Year of Dating - 1Two dates per month, 24 dates for the year. Some outside the home, some inside the home, some happen during birthdays, anniversaries and maybe even Holidays. I preplanned 24 affordable dates for my husband and I and wrapped little “hints” and gave it to him for Christmas. We always get so caught up in our day to day, that we sometimes put dating on the backburner. Dating is still a very crucial key, even after 10 years. It’s how we keep the romance alive and how we have adult intellectual conversations as opposed to work-related and kid related ones.

The first date was the simplest date I’ve ever planned and we had a blast. My husband is very into making puzzles; although it’s not my favorite pass time, I needed him to see that I was open to doing something he enjoys, as the second date of the month would pull him into something he doesn’t normally do; but we’ll get it into that a in the next article. Anyway, I went to our local Dollar Tree and found 500 piece puzzles for only $1 (of course) Since I knew this puzzle wouldn’t last long, I got 5. I created a play list, we listen to Country music, and because we love nachos, I stopped at the store and got all the fixin’s. Velveeta Cheese (it’s our absolute favorite) I bought, grilled and then shredded chicken, I planned to make homemade Pico De Gallo, however, I didn’t end up having enough time, so I bought it at the store and the night wasn’t ruined, even though it definitely felt that way when I realized I had run out of time.

I cleared out the living room (coffee tables and such) set up a card table with the puzzles, plates, napkins and the jambox for our music. When my husband got home, the nachos we’re almost ready and the festivities begun. We did more talking than we did listening to music, but it was nice to have it as background noise. The nachos were simply amazing and the perfect finger food for this night. We didn’t finish all the puzzles, thankful his “hint” for this date was puzzle glue and a puzzle mat, so we were able to display the ones we completed and save the last one we were unable to finish. So, even though puzzles are not my first choice, I compromised and planned a date that was so much fun, we talked, laughed and had to work together all night; It was an absolute success.

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