1 Year of Dating – 11 The Drawing

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1 Year of Dating – 11 The DrawingFor those of you that haven’t been following my previous posts (first one found here) I have created 24 preplanned dates for the year. So my husband and I will have one at home date and one date where we go out. I have wrapped 24 items that will offer a hint of what the date will consist of; some that may be used during our dates and some that simply solely act as clues. Now we’re in the month of June and so far, most of our dates are very fun and geared towards things my husband and I both enjoy; this date will be no different, we’ll be drawing each other naked.

The hint for this date was a sketch pad that I found at a dollar store, a pencil and an eraser that I tried together with Christmas ribbon. The initial idea was to lay there like Rose from the Titanic and have him go Jack Dawson. However, my husband had another idea, and even though I was a bit reluctant, I agreed. He wanted to draw certain parts of my body, so he told me where to lay and how to lay and I complied. He got to choose his lighting and I had to lay there and watch him. I was terrified at the idea of being under a microscope, so to speak. I know he’s seen every inch of me in every lighting, but in my head, he never had to pay much attention. Now, for the sake of the drawing he needed to see every curve, every dimple, every gap and every freckle. I felt like I had no control over the situation, and I didn’t. He was the one in charge and I was laying there in my birthday suit vulnerable and shaken. Never once did he make me feel insecure; and although I felt this way at first, after a little bit of time, I was completely comfortable with him. I tried to make light of the subject and talk about dinner at my mom’s next week. As soon as my mother rolled off my tongue, I immediately wished I hadn’t said it. We agreed right then that if either of us wanted to talk, it could only be about sex, foreplay, pron, positions fantasies etc. I wasn’t able to see any of his drawing until I was finished with mine. So, my turn was over and now it was his turn to lay naked and vulnerable; but to my surprise, he was completely comfortable with it the entire time and that was a huge turn on. I never noticed before how comfortable my husband was with his body. Obviously, I’m attracted him but it was nice to see that he was not ashamed, not even for a moment. After we were both done with our drawings, it was time for the big reveal. Let’s just say, neither of us should quit our day jobs. His drawing of me were terrible and unflattering, and mine, trust me, were no better. We both had a good laugh and then had dessert before we even made dinner.

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