1 Year of Dating – 17 Palm Reading

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1 Year of Dating – 17 Palm ReadingFor the month of September we started out date with an out of the house date night. Some times last year, a friend of mine told me about a palm reader she visited on a regular basis. This isn’t usually our thing, but it was something that intrigued us none the less. So i figured, we could give it a try, it takes us a bit out of our comfort zone, but wasn’t that the point? Palm reading has been around for more than a few centuries now and I figure it would be interesting to see what one would have to say about us through reading the line found on our hands.

The woman my friend sees was too expensive for us, so we looked elsewhere. I searched on Google and found a place in my area that was new, and had no reviews, but I figured we’d give it a shot. I went down there to talk to her, I explained what I was doing and she happily gave me a sample Terrot Card to use as the hint for this date. When we got there, it has been over 9 months since I was first there, so she didn’t remember me. Which made us giggle as she claimed to have been able to see the future. The incense smell nearly punched me in the face when we walked in and I had an instant headache. We say down at a round table and she said the first thing she likes to do is to ask a question and then answer it for her self. She started by asking how long we have been married, she answered the question and said “newly weds” which was incorrect. Then she asked how long we had been together, and answered with High school sweethearts, though our love story began when I was in elementary school. She moved on to our palms and read that we would wait to have children until we were a little older, she was shocked to find that we already had two. She was so unprofessional and some of the things she was saying was just down right insulting. I would have been furious if it hasn’t been for the twinkle I saw in my husand’s eye. He was having fun, so it made it all worth it. I bit my tongue and suffered through the rest of the session for him.

Afterwards, we went to a Philly cheese-steak place for dinner. It a neat place, it’s no bigger than a shed you’d find in your backyard, they have seating only outside and the food is delicious. As soon as we sat down, I told him how happy I was that he enjoyed himself. He started to laugh and told me it was awful, but it was hilarious. He said he hasn’t tried not to laugh that hard in a long time. We spent the rest of the time laughing over her predictions and assumptions. I told my friend about our experience and she laughed too. Apparently the woman she sees, and most others around town, charge that price for a reason. So, even though the experience was not all that I was hoping it to be, and I thought the date was ruined when I realized how unprofessional she was, but we ended up with a great story and a ton of laughs.

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