1 Year of Dating – 18 Board games

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1 Year of Dating – 18 Board games Our stay at home date for September is the 18th date out of the 24 dates I preplanned for my husband’s Christmas gift. We both love board games, so we took the kids to their grandparents house and we invited some friends over for a double date at our house. All of our other dates have been solo, and board games are much more fun when there are a lot of people. One on one dates with my husband are always nice, but it’s great to hang out with our friends too. So we figured if we invite one of our couple friends over for dinner and few board games, we can get the adult interaction with our friends that we are not used to since before our children were born.  We decided to make stuffed shells or, as some call it, manicotti.

The friends we invited over are very hands on, so they helped us make dinner. Otherwise, I would have never allowed a guest to assist with dinner, it would have been ready at a specified time. But we all had our jobs, and it was fun making dinner with friends; it was the first time we tried anything like that. While dinner was cooking, we had about 45 minutes to get a game in. We have a ton of games, classic and new. We started with a game called Redneck Life; it’s exactly like The Game of Life, except the redneck version. You have to try to keep your teeth, you have redheaded stepchildren, you roll for your trailer park name, it’s hilarious! I lost all of my teeth and my car, my husband won with 1 tooth left and both our friends lost all their teeth and their jobs. After we played dinner was ready, then we moved on to the next game, Clue; I won this game. Then we played a card game that goes back in my family for generations, My husband learned to play with us when he was 16 and I learned to play when I was 11. We taught our friends and had a blast. When you play this game with 2 or even 3 people, you play individually; when you play with 4 or 6 you play partners. Meaning, you and the person across from you is are on the same team, so we did girls vs. boys. They picked the game up rather quickly because it’s similar to kanasta, a game they both were familiar with. The girls one, so the men had to clean the kitchen while we got to relax and have some girl talk. We had cheesecake for dessert, talked for bit and the night was over. It was a lot of fun to share this date with our friends, and nice to have other adult interaction that doesn’t involve a play-date.

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