1 Year of Dating – 19 Pool Date

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1 Year of Dating – 19 Pool DateWhen my husband and I were first dating, we used to play pool a lot. There is a place here that allows people of any age to come in and play pool. You can get a few games of pool and lunch for less than it would cost for two people to see a movie. It’s a big open room filled with about 15 pool tables and a bar off to right. Obviously, my husband and I weren’t of age when we started going to this place, so we’d play pool and pig out on amazing bar food. Since I preplanned 24 dates, 1 at home and 1 date night out, I knew this would be the perfect stroll down memory lane.

We are now well over the legal age to sit at a bar, and though my husband and I don’t drink often, it was nice to be able to revisit this place, we have so many good memories here.. The bar food was just a good as we remembered, there was even the same bartender and he remembered us. After we sat and visited for a little while and had some food, but before long, it was time to get down to business. My husband and I are both competitive by nature. We aren’t poor sports, but he won’t go easy on me because I’m a girl, just as I would never throw a game to stroke his ego; we do enough of that in the bedroom. My favorite game is 9 ball, so we played one game of that, and two traditional. We played 3 games; he won the first, I won the second and he won the sugar game. After, we noticed a two player pacman floor arcade game, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to beat him at something I knew I could win, especially when I had my butt handed to me in pool. So we played a few games, 3 to be exact and I won every single one of them. We had a lot of laughs and probably stayed out way too late; good thing we got a babysitter, because we were able to end the night with a little naughty fun in places we usually can’t.

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