1 Year of Dating – 20 Pottery Painting

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We have two little boys at home, and they are our entire world, we put them above our relationship. Believe it or not, I’m not the only guilty one in this relationship; my husband does it too.I know how important dating is to our relationship, so does he; we just let life get in the way. So I decided to preplan 24 dates for the entire year, all about my husband and I. For this date, we will be going to a pottery painting shop. Just because these dates are about us, doesn’t mean we cant incorporate our children some way, sometimes. As a part of the Christmas gifts, I included little gits, that also act as hints, for most of the date. The clue for this date was a picture of our son’s first time painting a dinosaur.

I told my husband to choose any two pieces he wanted to make for each of our boys, and I would do the same. When we got there, I realized we’d be painting 4 piece of breakable pottery for our two BOYS. So we scratched that idea, and did 2 piece total, and we both worked on them. We decided to paint a piggy bank for our youngest, it was in the shape of a guitar to go with his nursery theme. We made a race car piggy bank for our oldest son, as he is obsessed with car; just like it daddy. We picked the pieces that we wanted and then we talked about a design. We didn’t want to just wing it, because we knew our tastes would clash and result in a couple of messy looking piggy banks. So we decided to stick with a more realistic theme for both of them. We agreed on colors and go started. I worked on the guitar and he worked on the piggy bank and then visa versa. I didn’t remember that it took about a week to get the pieces back, and I made the mistake of telling the boys we were bringing them home a special surprise. So, we stopped at a special store that sells surprise eggs. We found two spiderman surprise eggs, chocolate coated plastic egg filled with stickers, candy, a toy etc.Next door was a Italian restaurant that looked more like a hole in the way than anything else; it was a little ma and pa place and the food was amazing. We brought the kids their surprise, and a week later, we were able to give them their real surprise. It was fun to paint, work together and just talk; we both agreed that it was nice incorporating something for the kids in our date.

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