1 Year of Dating – 21 DIY

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1 Year of Dating – 21 DIYFor this date, I wanted to make something useful while sticking to our budget for the month, so decorated our own coffee mugs and wine glasses. The whole idea behind dating each other for every month was so that we got our alone time as a couple. Sure, we had a few hours after kids have gone to bed and before we went to sleep, but we spend that time winding down, finishing work, picking up the house, social media, etc. So i preplanned 24 dates, so there were no excuses, and so far, we have done a great job at sticking to them. Though, if I’m being perfectly honest, there were a few arguments before the dates started, some I don’t feel like going out tonight’s and having to change the date because the babysitter fell through. But, we have made it work and I can say we have had fun on each date, regardless of how it may have started.
We went to the dollar store and bought 2 mugs, he picked his style and I picked mine. Then we stopped at another store to grab some sharpies. We were given the creative freedom to draw anything we wanted and all my husband did was write his name. He was done in less than a minute and was fully satisfied with his cup, so i encouraged him (yes, I really mean encouraged, not nagged) him to draw something more creative, like a car or a truck or even a coffee bean, which gave me an idea. I made a subway coffee mug. Meaning, I used every word associated with coffee i could find and tried to write differently and put them all different ways, ultimately covering my entire cup. I was impress with how it turned out, so was my husband, so we had to run back to the dollar store and pick up another mug and he did the same thing as I did. Then we threw them in the oven for a bit and they were done and they turned out adorably. For the wine glasses, I bought some etching cream, used my plotter to cut out the words Mr. and Mrs. (something we agreed on) we placed them how we wanted and put the etching cream on the glass. We waiting about 15 minutes and they were done too! We ordered a pizza and used our wine glasses, we were so proud. We spent the rest of the evening talking and laughing on the back porch.

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