Improve Your Bedroom for Sex

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Even if you and your spouse have amazing sex, don’t underestimate the power of ambiance. A room can create or destroy a mood. Put these tips to the test.

  1. What does the color say? Color has a proven affect on psychology, so it’s time to look at your walls and see what they’re saying to you. Each of you choose an adjective to describe the colors in your room. Are they bold? Boring? Romantic? Revolting? Next, each choose one adjective that you would like your room to feel like. If you both can agree on one word, use it to inspire the color choice in your room. Paint the walls and choose bedding and accessories that fall under that word. If you both have different words that don’t seem like they could go together, such as passionate and relaxing, get creative. Find complimentary colors that represent both ideas. Partition the room into separate spaces with separate ideas. Let one word be represented by the color and the other word be represented by the style and texture of items in the room. Do an online image search for bedrooms and see what inspires you.
  2. Illuminate. In this world of many lighting options, it’s just too boring to rely on your mediocre light fixture for sex. Find ideas online by searching for images of bedroom lighting. If you like candlelight but hate the hassle, look for candle stands that you can attach to the wall and invest in battery operated tea candles. Look for a light fixture that has a dimming option. Buy a lava lamp. Add smaller light sources that have a separate switch from your main light source. If you’re daring and you love the night sky, see if you can add a sky light.
  3. Reflect. If your room size permits, add a large mirror near your bed. Try to hang it so it is off to the side of the bed rather than facing the foot or head. Make sure to keep it at a level that would allow you to see your love making sessions clearly. The mirror allows you to have a deeper sense that sex is about you both serving and loving each other.
  4. Simplify. As much as possible, a love making space should feel open and inviting. Get rid of any distractions in your room. Try not to store anything in your room that can’t be out of sight, such as big exercise equipment. Avoid all temptations to make your room a last minute dumping ground when guests are coming over. If you must store things in your room due to lack of living space, find ways to hide things. You could hang curtains that separate your room into two spaces.
  5. Keep it clean. It’s common to treat the bedroom as less important than the living room and kitchen, but it shouldn’t be that way. The bedroom is where you go to refresh your life and renew your love. Keep your room looking as if you are having royalty over every night. If you have to choose between your living room and your bedroom, experiment letting your bedroom win and see how it affects your life. You may find that by making your bedroom the top priority, you will feel like you can handle the other cleaning duties in the house as well.
  6. Create a love making kit. Having an on demand love making kit that you can easily tuck away is a must. Find a bin that has multiple partitions, a handle, and isn’t too big to be cumbersome. If you can, invest in a nightstand that can hide away your kit. Include everything you need to make your love experience amazing. Make a habit of putting the kit away after every love session so it will all stay together. Not sure what to put in the kit? Visit the Husband and Wife Store for some ideas.



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