1 Year of Dating – 3 A Night in Paris

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1 Year of Dating – 3I’m on my second month of dating my husband for a year. For Christmas I gave him a box filled with 24 hints, one for each date. We’ll be staying home for a date night and going out for a date night; twice in each month for a year. I’ve preplanned everything for these dates, even made a little binder with details, directions, tips and more ideas to do during each date. I keep mentioning how important it is that my husband and I take time for our relationship as a married couple, because it’s the foundation for our family, and I want it to continue to grow and thrive. I strongly believe that as long as my husband and I are both trying as we did before we were married, our marriage will never fail; he is my soulmate.

So, for the month of February, we have Valentine’s Day. Normally, we don’t go out on Valentine’s Day, and depending on my husband’s schedule, we don’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day on Valentine’s Day. Yes, I know that some people view this day as a get rich quick scam from hallmark and flower shops, but it’s romantic and we do something together for it every year. So, we didn’t end up celebrating on Valentine’s Day, however, it was planned for the day before. I planned A Night in Paris for our special romantic evening. The hint for this date night was a cheese cutter, which was obviously something that would come in handy.

I decorated with table clothes, candles in candlestick holders, Mini Eiffel Tower statues, and even have berets for us to wear. For the food, I tried to stay as close as I could to a typical meal in Paris. A friend of mine actually traveled to Europe and brought back cheese from Paris as a gift. So naturally we had cheese and fresh fruits for appetizers and we had croissants and Beef Bourguignon as our main course. For dessert I made Crème Brulee from a recipe I found online, and it turned out perfectly! After dessert, we decided to play a game of Charades, act like mimes and then we ended the night curled up together under a blanket watching the movie Chocolat.

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