5 Ways to Make Yourself More Sexy

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Who doesn’t want a sexy spouse? Who would turn down a dolled-up angel or a manly hunk? If in any way, your spouse is failing to meet your sexy ideal, remember that whenever you point at someone else, three fingers point back at you. Chances are, if you think your spouse could be a little sexier, you’ve got a lot to work on yourself. By focusing of changing yourself instead of your spouse, you’re more likely to feel satisfied, and your spouse is more likely to be inspired by your example and measure up. Believe me, reversing this model is a formula for disaster.

So what can you do to come across as sexier? Here’s a few tips.

  1. Ask your spouse. As “no duh” as this sounds, have you ever actually done it? Find out how they like your hair, what cologne, perfume, and clothes (or lack thereof) they prefer. Let them tell you the little things you can do, such as a look in your eyes, or suggestive pose, that turn them on.
  2. Ask your spouse what they DON’T like. This is going to be a lot harder. Be humble enough to take constructive criticism. If there’s things you do that detract from your seductive abilities, it’s likely going to be really hard (if not impossible) to make up for them with cologne and innuendos.
  3. Groom yourself. Another “no-duh”, but again, how often do you actually do it? Do you always look your best for your spouse, or have you let yourself go since getting married? Show your spouse that you care enough about them to care about your hair.
  4. Remember that physicality matters. Do you need to have a perfect body? No. Is there such thing as a perfect body? Doubtful. But would a reasonable plan to improve your own body be a bad thing? Probably not. By becoming your best self, you’re automatically showing your love for your spouse. After all, no one hopes to marry a lackadaisical slob who’s given up on life. Could you cut back on simple sugars, refined starches, and fat? Could you benefit from more fruits and vegetables? Would a daily routine of situps and pushups really get in the way? The better you treat your body, the better you’ll feel, and, you can count on it, the more sexy you’ll be.
  5. Do Your Homework. This last tip is about taking step 1 (ask your spouse) to the next level. There’s no universal “sexy”. What will turn on your spouse could be entirely different from what would jive in the neighbors’ bedroom. Discover the type of romantic movies or books your spouse likes and how the characters of the opposite sex present themselves. Consider your spouse’s personality. Is she quiet and reserved? If so, maybe she longs for an outspoken he-man to swoop her into her arms. Or is she the outspoken one? Perhaps she longs for someone who’s gentle and sincere. In any situation, there’s nothing you can do to turn on your spouse that’s more effective than showing them (through both words and actions) how much you love them.

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