Bring Back Romantic Tension to Your Bedroom with “The Courting Game”

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Bring back romantic tension to your marriage with this fun sex gameLooking for a new game to play in the bedroom? Here’s a quick and easy idea I call the Courting Game. You’re going to be the one who’s courted, and your spouse is going to hit on you with the goal of getting you in bed. I guess this game could also be called “Pick-up Artist,” but “courting” sounds more elegant. I’d prefer an eighteenth-century throne room over a modern bar any day.

Here’s how it works. On a sheet of paper, you’re going to make a table like this:

Stephanie Veronica Danielle
Turn On Shy guys Breathy voice Suggestive movements
Turn Offs Forwardness Flattery Shy guys
Subject of Interest Cats Philosophy Motorcyles

Essentially you’re describing what turns on and turns off three different characters, which you’re going to play. (If you need ideas, try the Sexy Role-playing Generator by Your spouse, without ever seeing this sheet, will try their hand and courting any or all of these characters, and based on whether or not your spouse meets your predetermined criteria, you’ll either open up or give them the cold shoulder. Of course, if your spouse isn’t making any luck by their third attempt, you can start giving hints.

This game is fun because, unlike most sexy role-plays, it adds a concrete goal with fairly concerete rules, so when success is achieved, and the courting spouse makes a conquest by getting that certain character in bed, there’s an added sense of reward and accomplishment.

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