How to Achieve Bigger and More Frequent Orgasms

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Though the answer to this question is a simple and well-known fact, this important principle is too often overlooked. Too many couples miss the mark by focusing on the end destination and failing to enjoy the ride. So what’s the formula for better orgasms? Better foreplay. Make it novel. Make it longer. Make it fun. Celebrate every sensation. The longer and more engaging the foreplay, the spicier the intercourse, and the harder the orgasm.

Of course, this is easier said than done. How, exactly, do couples make foreplay new and exciting, night after night … after night? If you find yourselves following the exact same positions, doing exact same routines, in the exact same order, you’re failing. Your brain is no longer wired to fully enjoy sex. Consider the following:

Dopamine is the hormone that triggers feelings of excitement, such as when you held your true love’s hand for the first time. But as our brains become accustomed to patterns, dopamine levels decrease. With this in mind, the reason people get addicted to gambling is because the shear unpredictability of the cards and slot machines take the brain by surprise. As a result, dopamine levels increase, people feel good, and they want more.

The same principle can be used in good ways. If you want to experience better foreplay, and consequently, better orgasms, you’ll have to trick your brains with unpredictability. Perhaps the easiest way to do this is through games. A good sex game presents new ideas, new actions, and puts lovers in situations they otherwise wouldn’t think of. They take away stress. Rather than one spouse having to lead and execute, both spouses can simply enjoy each other and let the game do all the thinking.

Have you tried Lovers Lane? The free version of this erotic board game is online and can be played without time constraints. Every action is customized for the couple playing it, and while exciting and sensual, it’s also classy and clean. Give it a try, and see if can’t help you experience longer, better foreplay, and stronger orgasms.

Lovers Lane | the free online sexy board game for married couples

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