Making Sex an All-day Affair

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The best sex comes flirtatiously leading up to it throughout the day


“Hey, honey, it’s me.”

“Hey, what’s going on?”

“Nothing much. Just wanted to hear your voice. I’ve been thinking about you …”

“Oh yeah?”

“… naked.”

What husband wouldn’t enjoy receiving a phone call like that? Chances are, he’s going to find it hard to focus on his work. Chances are he’ll think about his wife throughout the day. What would make it even better is if he calls her back later on, returning the gesture of affection and dropping another innuendo. When the two eventually meet up, they’ll exchange a hug and a kiss, though the timing still won’t be right. No problem, because a wink from the wife is all it will take to say, “Don’t worry, I’m still thinking about you, and I can’t wait till tonight.” As the day has progressed, both spouses have had ample time to imagine just how they want to fulfill their desires. They’ll feel an increased need to tidy up the room, set out some candles, pick out a special outfit, etc.

Then, when at last the long-anticipated moment arrives, far from a chore, it will come as a gratifying release to long hours of sexual tension. Instead of a last-minute, low priority with barely enough pleasure to justify the effort, sex becomes an all-day romance, a relationship-building, marriage-strengthening exercise in both restraint and indulgence. So why isolate sex to a few precious moments when it could be an all-day affair? If flirting with your spouse, especially on a sexual level, no longer comes naturally, the good news is that they’ll still love you no matter how stupid you sound at first. Chances are they’ll think you’re cute. And don’t worry, like any other skill, the art of flirtation comes with practice, and if you’re persistent you’ll definitely get better (or if you’re inconsistent, expect your love life to suffer). So stop reading this article an go say something provocative to the love of your life!

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