Menage a Trois Role-playing

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Menage a Trois Role-playing Script

Having a threesome has never been this exciting or intimate.

{husband} is sitting on the edge of the bed while waiting for {wife} to come in.


My friend “Candy” is coming over to play, so I hope you like blondes!

{wife} blindfolds {husband}. She puts on a blond wig and lingerie and then seductively removes the blindfold.


Hi, my name is Candy, What’s your name?


Why does my name matter?

“Candy” straddles {husband} and then begins to tease him.


I suppose it doesn’t. Have you done this before?


This is my first time with another woman while being married.

{husband} grabs “Candy’s” thighs eagerly.

“Candy” grabs {husband}’s hands.


Whoa! I’m in charge, and I’ll tell you when and where you can touch me.

“Candy” forces {husband}’s hands on her breasts.




Anything you say.

“Candy” massages {husband}’s penis through his pants.


I can feel your cock getting harder for me.

“Candy” kisses {husband} hard while unzipping his pants and pulling his penis out through the zipper.


I’m so wet. I want you. I need you.


I need you too.

“Candy” slides over her panties and allows the head of his penis to slide in, and then she raises up.


How badly do you need me?


I need you so badly.

{husband} grabs “Candy’s” hips and thrusts himself deep inside her.


I’m in charge, I won’t tell you again.

“Candy” seductively leans forward to kiss {husband} but instead pulls up and pushes him down on the bed. She bites his lip and then stands up.


Since you can’t behave, I’m going to bring someone in who can keep you under control.

“Candy” blindfolds {husband} then removes wig.


“Candy” said you were being a naughty boy. I want you to show me everything you wanted to do to “Candy”.

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