Much, Much Sexier than Your Average Role-Play

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After putting the kids down for a nap, we eagerly locked ourselves in the bedroom, and because it was my turn to take charge, I took about twenty minutes to write out a game on paper. First I made a list of sexy actions I wanted Kara to perform for me (in order of spiciness), such as strutting her stuff, kissing, necking, ear nibbling, stripping, massaging herself, rubbing me, etc.

Next I thought of a simple story to explain the game, which was this: Kara was having a sensual dream in which a handsome man in a white toga appeared to her in a shining cloud. “Kara, I am Zothar, god of love,” he said with an outstretched hand. “Come to me, Kara, and be my goddess.” Just then, a man in black appeared, sporting a Flamenco hat and cape. He stepped between Kara and Zothar, saying, “No, Kara, come with me. I am Don Fuego, the king of passion. Unlike this ninny, I will fulfill all of your wildest fantasies.” Zothar responded, “The choice is yours, Kara. Come with me, and you will experience true love as never before.” Don Fuego added, “Come with me, and I you experience the fires of lust.”

Though it was a hard decision, Kara chose Zothar. But before they could embrace, an infuriated Don Fuego took Kara by force, saying, “You dare defy the great Don Fuego? You think you’re so pure, but I will awaken your passions.” With a wave of his cape, the cloudy world disappeared, and Kara found herself in a dark, stony labyrinth. Don Fuego said, “Welcome to the labyrinth of passion. I have locked your precious god away in my dungeon. If you ever wish to see him again, first you must find him. But beware, my labyrinth is full of temptations. No one has ever left it … as a virgin.” He laughed villainously. “Choose me now, Kara, and this nightmare will go away.”

But Kara would not choose the sinister Don Fuego, so he left her to herself, disappearing into the stones of the walls.

That was the back story. After choosing some lingerie for Kara to wear, putting on some soothing music, and lighting a candle, I told Kara this story, and then we proceeded to act out my game. Here’s how it worked: I had drawn out a simple grid (representing the labyrinth), and for each of the actions I’d written down, I chose a cell of the grid and wrote down notes about the character she would find there. I quickly jotted down what this character wanted (a kiss, a peak at Kara’s breasts, etc.) and how, in return, this character would help Kara advance to another spot in the labyrinth, such as by opening a door, gifting an item that someone else required, etc.

Before long, Kara was solving mysteries and opening doors by necking a giant, telling erotic fantasies to an old sage, stripping before a king, shaking her booty in a dungeon, massaging her breasts in a waterfall, rubbing the penis of a statue, and the list goes on.

It was one of the most erotic experiences we’ve ever had, and that’s saying something! Kara loved advancing through the imagined labyrinth, meeting my characters, solving puzzles, using her seductive charm and selling her body for the greater good. Of course I loved it, because I got everything I wanted from her and more, and because I’d designed the way the story built up, the game just got hotter and hotter until we couldn’t wait any longer. As soon as we got to intercourse (when Kara was finally seduced by Don Fuego), she climaxed within a couple of minutes (probably could have been sooner if she had wanted). Just thinking about it makes me hard again.

We’ve actually played a lot of games like these, and they always result in our best sex. The elements of mystery, suspense, discovery, and rewards all build on top of each other. For us at least, these games are more fun than typical sex role plays, because (1) they have a more definite direction, and (2) instead of just focusing around two people, the star of the game gets to have sexual encounters with a whole entourage of seductive personalities.

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