My wife’s counter-intuitive turn-ons to sex

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I’ve found that my wife is often turned on in ways that are totally different from the ways I’m turned on. For example, I love it when she goes straight for my genitals, but when I go straight for her breasts or vagina, it’s usually a turn off to her. She loves suspense and subtle build up. Last night, she definitely wasn’t in the mood for sex, though knowing that I was, she offered to rub me. First, I asked if she would at least take off her clothes so that we could have some quality snuggle time, to which she happily obliged. Then, as an experiment, with my body gently pressed against hers, I started caressing her face and massaging her scalp, things that I normally wouldn’t consider very sexual. A few minutes later, she said, “I don’t know what you did, but suddenly I’m in the mood.”


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