My Naughty Secretary

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Today, while the kids were down for a nap, I was working at the computer in our bedroom when wife came to me and started massaging my shoulders. She told me to ignore her, but that was easier said than done, especially as she unbuttoned my shirt. Pretending to be my secretary, she spoke in a seductive voice about how hardworking and under-appreciated I am. No matter how many times I tried to turn my attention to her, she turned my face back to the computer screen and told me that I had important work to do. Meanwhile she began to strip off her own clothes and slip into something “more comfortable.” She proceeded to pull off my shirt and pants as she necked me, nibbled on my ears, massaged my chest, and played with my penis. By this point I could no longer resit her, and thankfully, she no longer made me. She climbed onto my lap, allowing me to fondle and suck her breasts as I slipped inside of her. We went at it for awhile on the chair, then moved to the bed to take things even further.

I love my wife!

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