How to Perform a Striptease

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A good striptease can not only be foreplay at its finest but a wonderful bonding experience between a husband and wife. The viewing spouse can feel like royalty, filled with anticipation and desire, as the performing spouse can enjoy being admired and knowing that they’re making their spouse happy. When done right, it can be an equally sexual experience for both.

  1. If nothing else, remember this most important rule: don’t be shy. You’ve spent your whole life exercising the virtue of modesty, and in any another situation, what you’re about to do would be entirely inappropriate. Now, not only is it legal to show off your body to your spouse, but it’s a privilege to be celebrated. Don’t feel that you need to compare yourself to anyone else. Don’t worry if you need to lose a few pounds or about your moles. If your spouse doesn’t love you for who you are, that’s their problem. Chances are, you’re far more concerned with your physical imperfections than they are. So just have fun. Be as immodest as you possibly can, because, well, that’s the point.
  2. That being said, take your time. While you do want to show off your body, you definitely don’t want to do it all at once. A good striptease keeps the viewing spouse in constant suspense, always wanting to see more. Your goal is not just sex but sexual tension, which leads to better sex. It’s not about simply throwing off your underwear and bearing it all but about savoring ever sensation, giving little peeks here and there, followed by denials, followed by more peaks, gradually building both tension and satisfaction. Taking your time will help both your spouse and yourself to adore every part of your body.
  3. Wear the right clothes. While the removal of a t-shirt and jeans can still be exciting (because after all, a striptease is about your body, not your clothes), wearing lingerie that accentuates your curves or muscles will definitely pack a bigger punch. Men, remember that women aren’t as visually-oriented as you are, so it’s not just about muscle shirts and tight boxers but clothes that are fun and perhaps have a role-playing theme. On the other hand, women, for the sake of your men, make it as much of a visual experience as possible. While bras that simply cover your breasts will keep men in suspense, wearing pushup bras that add cleavage do better at giving men a taste and a desire for more. Thongs are great for the same reason. But for both genders, no matter how scanty you end up, don’t start that way. Generally, the more you have to strip off, the better.
  4. Ambiance. Make sure the lights are low enough so that blemishes can be forgiven and there’s a bit of mystery. But you definitely don’t want the room so dark that you have trouble seeing each other. If you’re thinking high energy, choose upbeat music that can help get the blood pumping, or for a more romantic approach, choose music that’s relaxing and sultry.
  5. Move as if you’re having sex. Thrust and roll your hips. Open your mouth to breathe with ecstasy. Let your eyes roll back and partly close. Act as if your spouse is moving their hands over your body, filling you with bliss. Pretend there’s nothing you want more than to take off your clothes and bear everything for your spouse. Throw in little moans here and there. The more sensual and playful you are, the more you’ll turn on your spouse (and yourself).
  6. Touch and tease your spouse. While the visuals alone can be incredibly sexy, adding occasional touch, especially in those certain areas, will definitely take the eroticism to a higher level.
  7. Save the best for last. This tip should be fairly obvious. Unless your husband has a major fascination with your toes, don’t strip off your bra at the beginning and end with your socks. And unless your wife finds your chest irresistible, don’t start with your briefs and end with your shirt.
  8. Finish the job. If, in revealing your body, you’ve successfully gotten your spouse and yourself longing for more, then why wait? After successful, drawn-out foreplay, you and your spouse are more likely to enjoy more satisfying intercourse and stronger orgasms. Of course, for many people (especially women), even the best stripteases just aren’t enough to fully turn them on. There’s nothing wrong with that. A striptease doesn’t need to be anything more than the beginning of foreplay.

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