Phantom of the Opera Sex

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Today I orchestrated a “Phantom of the Opera” themed lovemaking session. First I prepared our bedroom with candlelight, then I put on a sexy, black costume, bearing my open chest, and slicking back my hair. I think it’s fair to say I looked the role of the dashing man in black. When everything was ready, I picked up my laptop and went downstairs to surprise my wife.

As soon as I entered the room, I started playing a karaoke version of “The Phantom of the Opera.” As my wife knew all the words, she didn’t hesitate to sing along and play the role of Christine. I knew this had been one of her fantasies. I proceeded to lead her into our bedroom, hypnotizing her with my charm. We proceeded to sing along to a karaoke versions of “Music of the Night.” Thankfully, we have a large screen near the bed, so I could plug the laptop into the screen and read the words as I sang, else I would have been clueless. The mood got hotter and hotter as we seductively removed each others clothes, and by the end of “The Point of No Return,” we were more than ready for intercourse.

My wife climaxed in no time, and she continued to go wild afterward. She loved every moment.

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