Set Your Own Goal for Sex

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New goal-setting reports about your sex life

One of the biggest challenges couples face is keeping up a healthy sexual stamina after years of marriage. There are few things husbands hate more than having to beg their wives for sex. Often wives are just as interested as their husbands in maintaining a healthy sex life, but feelings of fatigue and stress bump intimacy off the priority list altogether, and when the end of the day rolls around, the subject of lovemaking feels like a chore, not a pleasure.

Thankfully, now provides a simple, yet effective solution. If one spouse is under the impression that they just had sex last night, whereas the other is writhing in the agony that it’s been over a week, now the record can be set straight by glancing at a couple of widgets. Not only can you view a record of when, exactly, you last had sex, but you can set a goal of how often you’d like to have it. If he wants it every two days and she wants it every four days, you can settle on an average goal of every three days.

If you fall behind this goal, no one needs to beg or call for a “little chat.” The dashboard report will calculate your grade, and hopefully the shame of a B- will speak for itself! I mean, come on, do you really want a B- sex life? So take time today to set a goal and work together for an A+! After all, what’s more important than your most intimate relationship?

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