Setting the Mood with Music

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Good music is crucial for setting romantic ambiance and providing relaxation or excitementQuality music can play a major role in setting the mood fore lovemaking. A hypnotic beat can help put us in the right mindset, whereas silence can leave the experience feeling dry and underwhelming. Relaxing sounds can help clear the mind from outside distractions. Sounds that conjure feelings of sultriness, pleasure, romance, and security can help us turn our thoughts and attention to our spouses. Of course, the best music for intimacy is a matter of preference.

For example, nothing helps my wife get in the mood for sex more than tango music. Having taken a ballroom dance class, she’s found that the flirtatious strokes of the violins and accordion, the hits of the snare drum, and the gentle plucks of the Spanish guitar stir within her images of sexy movement and romantic tension. For me, having spent years among Indian culture, I prefer the earthy beats and crooning sounds from Bollywood films.

One style we both love is new age and relaxing music that creates a sensational ambiance while not drawing too much attention. We prefer music without lyrics so that we’re not competing with anyone else as we talk and whisper to each other. We’ve found that just as important as music that leads up to foreplay and intercourse is the music that we can continue to enjoy for sometimes a half hour or more after sex as we lie in each others arms in a state of dreaminess. I get giddy just thinking about it!

Want to know more about how music influences your relationship? Take this test to see what your music tastes say about you.

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