Sex Games: 15 – Menage a Trois

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Sex Games: Part 15 - Menage a TroisEver heard of a Menage a Trois? French for “household of three”; in other words, a threesome. In our marriage, my husband and I have a strict monogamous relationship, so a threesome is not in our cards. Though, we have had a few friends who highly recommend it; I can understand the interest, adding someone else to your love life may help to spice things up and getting to experience being intimate with another person that isn’t your spouse. If it just isn’t your style, but maybe you’ve thought about giving it a try; then here is the perfect game that will allow you to experience this without breaking your rules. Have a mock Menage a Trois; it involves wigs, acting and a little imagination.

It’s fun to transform into two different women for your husband. It’s even more fun to have this planned without his knowledge. After all, what man hasn’t either had a threesome or fantasized about having one? Start by hiding a blond wig and a brunette wig Tip: we recommend that the wigs be different (i.e. longer, shorter, different color) from your natural hair to give the illusion of the other woman you are playing the part of. Keep the wigs out of sight for now; try hiding them under your pillow when your husband is not around. Later in the evening, when you’re heading to bed, make sure to leave the lights on, he’ll thank you for it later. Have your husband sit on a chair or on the bed, and secure a blindfold in place, then whisper seductively that your friend Candy is coming over to play and you hope he likes blondes. You should straddle him and let the wig you are wearing touch his face and chest. Remove the blind fold and let him take the glories sight in.

The next moves are completely up to “Candy”; she’s probably a little shy and more reserved, this being her first time all. Once she’s had her fun, the blindfold goes back on and now it’s, Brandy, the hot brunette’s turn. She’s got to be even naughtier than Candy. This will be because you will not be as shy after this point, you both will be a little hotter and you’ll feel more comfortable, which in turn, brings Candy to life. Allow “Brandy” to be more dominate, make commands and punish if they are not met to your explications. After Brandy has had her fun, the blindfold goes back on for one last time. And you come back, no wigs, no other women or costumes, kiss him passionately, ask him to tell you about his night. After he’s done going over all the details, tell him that you may have been willing to share him with Candy and Brandy tonight, but you are the only one who can push him over the edge; and then show him how it’s done.

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