Sex Games: Part 1 – Strip Pong

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Strip Pong Sex GamesIt is always important to keep sex a top priority in your marriage; connecting on that intimate level with your partner is one of the many crucial elements to a successful relationship. It’s fun to shake things up a bit, however, it can sometimes be intimidating to ask your partner to try new things before and/or during sex. We’re human, and curious; maybe you saw a position in a pornographic video you watched last week with your husband that you wanted to try, or maybe you heard about a sex toy and figured it could be a fun additive with your spouse. Either way, regardless of how long you have been married, it can still be discomfiting to leave your comfort zone.

Sex games are a great way to introduce new and exciting, sometimes kinky, things into your sex life. One thing most women struggle with is being completely exposed; we are our own worst critic. Most men don’t notice the very things we, as woman, judge so harshly; cellulite, jiggling parts that should not jiggle, different sized breasts, a little flab on your stomach, larger hips, pubic and anal hair etc. Most times, men aren’t affected negatively by these things, they are just happy to be having sex. Some men are are self conscious about the same things women are, however, most men aren’t as shy or as apologetic. Confidence is always sexy; playing Strip pong is an exciting way to help you and partner feel more confident and sexy with each article of clothing that is removed.

Strip Pong

The objective of the game is simple, make a goal in all of your spouses cups causing your spouse to become naked.

Helpful Tip: To help you and your partner feel more confident you can play this game by candle light. Instead of having, what feels like a spotlight shine down on you in your birthday suit, you can light a few candles and play in sexy dimmed lighting. Though be sure not to place these candles around the playing area for safety reasons.

  1. Align the cups in a 6 cup triangle on a cleared table.

  2. Each player should have on the following: Shoes, Socks, pants, underwear/panties, bra – for women, undershirt (tank top) – for men and a shirt.

  3. 6 articles of clothing should be taken off in this order:

    a. Shoes

    b. Socks

    c. Pants

    d. Shirt

    e. Bra/Undershirt

    f. Underwear/ Panties

  4. Toss the ping pong ball trying to make it in one of your spouses cups.

    Remember: you do not want your opponent to score, use any means necessary to distract them, without physical interference.

  5. When one of you scores, instead of drinking from the cup (as you would in the game beer pong), the other must remove the cup from their side and an article of clothing.

  6. The first person to land a ball in all 6 cups gets to request a sexual favor from their opponent.

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