Sex Games: Part 10 – 30 Seconds

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Sex Games: Part 11 - 30 Seconds30 Seconds is a fun sexy game where your ultimate goal is to give your partner an orgasm before they give you one. The game is called 30 seconds because you are given 30 seconds to turn each other on and reach orgasm. To play this game, the only thing required is a time tracker of some sort; you can use an egg timer, stop watch, your phone, etc. just anything that beeps loudly to let you and your partner know your time is up.

Decide which of you is to go first, and that person will have only 30 seconds to pleasure you as much as they possibly can. Obviously, 30 seconds is not nearly enough time to reach orgasms. You will find that you both will need multiple 30 second sessions before reaching climax. This actually helps to keep things new and exciting. You and your partner will likely focus on one act for 30 seconds when the time is up, it’s the other person’s turn, sometimes they can give you an idea for something new that you would like to try when it’s your turn.

When you are the person who is receiving the pleasure, you are not allowed to do or say anything; your only job is to sit back and enjoy. You especially cannot give out any direction or criticism and do not tell them when you are enjoying something they do; it is completely up to them to figure it out.

This game is a fun game that can be played many times; to keep this game fun and interesting you can change the rules around a bit by adding toys for him and her, different food items, different positions, etc. You can offer prizes for the winner, which would be the person who orgasms first and punishment for the loser, the person who orgasms last. You may find that you and your partner become quite competitive, which can only be a good thing and result in mutual orgasm.

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