Sex Games: Part 11 – Food Play

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Sex Games: Part 11 - FoodplayAs previously mentioned,here, foreplay is of high importance for both husband and wife. First and foremost, even though we are all guilty of this at least once, trying to rush to the main course before your body is ready or not aroused can ultimately lead to painful or uncomfortable sex. I was recently told by a friend of mine about foreplay involving food. Of course, I’ve seen chocolate sauce and whipped cream in different movies, but the addition of food never sounded appetizing. To be honest, it sounded like a sticky mess that would result in a huge clean up for me.

Using all of your senses during sex is important, starting with sight, moving to taste and smell and ending with hearing and feeling. My husband and I decided to skip the sticky mess, at least that was our initial intention when we first attempted this game. We decided to keep things light and simple; after all, who wants to overeat and then be in a food coma right before sex? We wanted to stick to juicy sweet fruits with enticing smells. We quickly discovered the little bit of clean up after was definitely worth the reward we were receiving; so we opted for the cliche foods.


Using foods during foreplay will set the mood because these foods taste and smell amazingly. Let loose, have some fun, because when you relax you’ll enjoy sex a little bit more. Here are a couple of foodplay tips and ideas.

  1. Be sure to grab towels to lay down so that you do not ruin furniture and grab plenty of wetanps and/or napkins
  2. Start with strawberries and whipped cream. – Yes, I know this sounds like the scene from Pretty Woman, but it does wonders for a man to see you put a strawberry in your mouth and lick the cream off.
  3. Take it a step further,put the whipped cream on his or her body. Take a bite of strawberry and lick the cream off.
  4. You can use the whipped cream to create fun bikinis. There’s something sensational from cold cream on a warm body.
  5. Warm up some chocolate syrup (careful, not too hot) and grab some cheap paint brushes and paint each other’s bodies. You can paint pictures, words, phrases etc. Best of all, you’ll get it lick it off of each other later.
  6. After or during the main course, you and your partner can shower together to get clean

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