Sex Games: Part 16 – Truth or Dare

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Sex Games: Part 16 - Truth or DareTruth or dare, a game most of us played as a child. Though, the questions and dares were much simpler, “I dare you to ask that guy to hold your hand” or “Is it true that you have a crush on….”Did you know you and your spouse can use this game behind closed doors? The game is pretty straight forward, you choose between a truth question and a dared activity. Then once you have completed your truth or dare, it is your spouse’s turn. Below is list of truth and dare questions to help get things started.

Truth Questions

These are fun questions; obviously, your partner should know most of the answers to these questions, and the majority of them, I’m sure you have experienced together. However, it can be fun to talk about the past and future in detail.

Have you ever had an intimate experience with someone of the same sex?

Have you ever had a threesome?

If you could have a threesome with me and one other person, who would you choose?

Do you enjoy porn?

What is your favorite type?

If you could be the opposite sex for one day, what would you do?

Have you ever tried or wanted to try BDSM?

Explain in details, you most embarrassing sex experience.

How old were you for your first kiss?

Have you ever had sex in a public place?

What sexual body part do you most like about yourself?

What sexual body part do you most like about your partner?

What should your partner wear to turn you on during sex?

What could he wear to turn you off?

Describe your wife’s/ husbands vagina/ penis in detail

What’s the boldest thing you’ve done sexually?



I dare you to go down on me for the next 10 minutes.

I dare you play the rest of the game while naked.

I dare you to use anal beads

I dare you to do anal with me.

I dare you to video tape us having sex

I dare you to masturbate right now for 3 minutes.

I dare you to suck my toes

I dare you to spank me

I date you to like my ear

I dare you to unwrap a candy bar using only your mouth

I date you to kiss me hard and passionately for 2 whole minutes

I date you to give me a lap dance

I date you to eat melted chocolate of my body.

I date you to make me wet/ hard without touching me

I dare you to lightly bite my nipple

I dare you to put your hand in my pants and rub me for an entire minute

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