Sex Games: Part 18 – Prisoner

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hot sexy coupleGiving up control can be very difficult, whether it’s in your personal or professional life; this is especially true in your sexual life. It can be fun to give up your control to the person you love while being intimate; to be powerless and without any control over what happens next. There is always one person who is the lead dominate while being intimate. Maybe you and your spouse take turns, but you can never be equally dominate at the same time; it just does not work that way.

While we may switch leads with our partners, it is rare that we completely surrender our power to them. When you do, it can be incredibly erotic to be the center of your partner’s attention, to have zero responsibility and to have no idea what will happen next. There is a difference between being submissive and giving up control. When you are submissive, you are choosing to obey your partner’s requests. You are in control of what you are doing and what you are allowing to be done. If you have yet to give this a try, it is highly recommended to try a game called Prisoner; the name says it all.

  1. Start by deciding who will be the prisoner, that person will then be tied, wrists and ankles, to the bedposts.
  2. Blindfolding is recommended, though not necessary, as some prefer to see.
  3. Relax and enjoy

TIP: If you do not have bedposts, you can

A.      Use under the mattress ties; this is the fastest, cheapest way to retain your partner without bedposts

B.     Bondage Bed sheets. These can be a little pricy, but they are flexible and oh so fun.

C.     Tie your partner’s wrists together above their head, over your head, behind your back or maybe even behind their back (depending on position of choice).

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