Sex Games: Part 19 – Bad Girl

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Sex games: part 19 Bad GirlThe term punishment spanking is not the same as childhood spanking. Those moments were dreadful, punishment spanking, while it sounds similar, is erotic and sexy. There is something about the sensation you get from the feeling of your man’s warm hand on your behind; the buildup and anticipation between strikes. The pain is so delicious, the feeling of helpless submission and the vulnerability of being bent over naked is glorious.

Knowing your man is in charge, he will be the one to decide punishment for your behavior, he will make all of the decisions without your input. It’s a strange, yet delightful, feeling to know that your fate, how you are disciplined, is now resting in the hands of your strong, sexy, dominate man. You know it’s going to hurt, that’s a given, but you also know you will never be hurt.

You trust that your partner will deem the correct number of strikes, the appropriate level of forcefulness and the suitable amount of pain; it’s amazing to have such trust in your man. Try playing Bad Girl, if you’re interested in trying punishment spanking, or if you’re looking for new and exciting way to incorporate punishment spanking into your sex life.

Bad Girl

  1. You’ll need a hairbrush, riding crop, other disciplinary accessory or nothing at all.
  2. You will tell your husband all of the things you have done wrong for the day.

Example: You forgot to grab milk at the grocery store, you forgot the name of the new girl at work, you screamed at a telemarketer for calling so early in the morning.

  1. Your husband shall decide the appropriate amount of lashes your naughty deed deserves and he will tell you.
  2. He will demand that you either kneel over the bed or will bend you over his knee and he will hold you down.
  3. He will then begin spanking you with the accessory of his choice.

The tingly, alert sensation you’ll receive after the smacks on your behind will leave you with an overwhelming emotional feeling. You’ll want to cry, you’ll be extremely aroused, you’ll be sore, but numb, you will want him to hold you and tell you it’s going to be ok and most of all, you will want him; you will need him.

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