Sex Games: Part 21 – Pretty Poses

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Sex Games: Part 21 - Pretty PosesLingerie helps a woman feel sexy; it helps a man visually and ups both parties arousal.  Playing a game of Pretty Poses allows you to strut your stuff in something that makes you feel sexy and beautiful. Cast your spouse as the photographer, he can take as many sexy photos of whatever he wants; as you are his muse, to do with, professionally of course, as he pleases.

Posing in front of a camera, even for your spouse, can often be quite intimidating at first. Though, I promise it will not last, just try to stay calm, channel your inner sex goddess and have fun. Allow him to set the mood, take control and you must be good at taking orders. The photographer is the one who will tell you how he wants you, the angles he wishes to see and the positions he wishes to photograph. Before you start the session, someone should choose the punishment, in case the muse is not up to par, back-talks etc.

Start by having your camera ready. Polaroid cameras are ideal, though you can use anything down to your smartphone for the photoshoot. Dress in something that makes you feel sexy; this can range from a bra and panties to a sexy corset. Allow your spouse to get in the zone, agree on a name that you will call him (i.e. Sir, Mr. …, etc.) allow him to play the part of the professional photographer who can look, but not touch yet. He’ll want to direct you into the most arousing and provocative poses. It is best if you do not speak unless spoken to, you are there to work and nothing more. As he poses you, he should explain why he likes this certain angle, why that pose is visually stimulating in as much detail as possible. If you break a rule, speak out of turn, disagree with a pose he has requested, tell him no, not address him properly, you will be punished immediately. If at the end of the photoshoot you have placed him, await your reward.

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