Sex Games: Part 22 – Striptease

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Ever want to give your man a striptease? Maybe you haven’t because you’re shy or you don’t feel as though you have the perfect body type to strip for your spouse. Either way, any woman can give a striptease their spouse will never forget; it’s about confidence, the right look and the right moves. It’s important to have fun, remain calm and always remember this is a sexy treat (being the keyword here) for your man.

First thing you should do is decide what you’ll be wearing. You will obviously want to accentuate your best attributes, show more skin than normal and make sure you feel sexy in anything you wear. You can go to an adult store; they usually have a wide variety of adult clothing, baby-dolls, two piece sets, teddies, body-stockings and corsets. Remember not to wear anything too tight, you don’t want the leftover lines; form fitting is always best. We recommend you practice taking the item off, to ensure you understand the best most effective way to take it off without getting stuck . If you choose to wear shoes, not necessary as with and without them are equally sexy, chose wisely. High heels make your legs look longer, but for some, moving gracefully in stilettos can be intimidating. Regardless, stay away from shorter heels; they shorten your naked legs and only look good with pants and skirts.

You can use props is you’re more experienced, though, for some, dancing and seductively removing clothes can be enough until you have done this a few times. Use of a pole isn’t essential; nevertheless, it can be so much fun to use with a bit of practice. You can purchase how-to videos, take classes or just do a general search online. You can use smaller easier items in your striptease as well, such as a silk tie, a feather, etc.

You can and should use the things you’ve got and the thing around you, like your hair, your fingers, the wall, the floor, bed posts chairs, pony walls. Basically, you want to find something, anything that can be used to rub on either of your bodies and anything that is visually appealing; this will heighten both of your arousal. You’ll want to caresses yourself, bring his hands and make him caress your body parts, grind, bump; use your tongue, your mouth.

You will want to set the mood with music, create a specific playlist of a mixed CD with seductive songs that you can choreograph a routine to. Make sure to use dimmed lighting; if your home doesn’t offer the dimmers, you can plug in a lamp and drape a sheer cloth over the lamp shade or, my favorite,  dance by candle light; it’s soft sexy and smells good. Again, remember to relax, have fun, don’t be afraid to laugh and don’t overthink it. Your man will be happy that you’re getting naked in front of him, for him, not to change, not for the shower, solely for him.


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