Sex Games: Part 24 – Strip Naked Twister

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Sex Games: Part 24 - Strip Naked Twister Twister has been around for years, it’s the classic game in which all you need is the game, physical skill and an empty floor to play. As I’m sure, everyone has heard of Naked Twister, it is very cliché; nevertheless, it’s a classic sex game. Up until recently, we hadn’t played any sex games that included actual games. We recently played our very own version of Sexy Monopoly. We had so much fun playing that game that we decided to give the sexier version of Twister a try. It was a blast, the perfect balance between funny and sexy.

Usually you start out naked and contort your body in different positions on the different colored dots. As in the regular game of Twister, no two people can have their hands or feet on the same circle. So as you can imagine, in naked twister, you often are caught in an exposed position, intertwined with your spouse, causing you to eventually fall. As in most games, there is a winner and a loser; the winner is the last man or woman standing. There is a consequence and a reward, the consequence is for the loser to be spanked. You can use your hand or any other object agreed upon such as a paddle, hairbrush etc. The winner will receive 10 minutes of selfish pleasure. Meaning, for 10 minutes it’s all about the winner and what pleases them.

My husband and I decided we wanted to try our Sexy Twister game with a Twist. We didn’t start out naked, we started fully clothed. Each time we spun the wheel and article of clothing was removed before we took our position. We also gave the ok to “get under your opponent’s skin” by licking, kissing, biting, tickling or anything you can do that would cause them to become distracted and hopefully lose balance and fall (with the exception of pushing, obviously). I also opted for dimmed lighting because we were in some pretty funky positions; so we played by candle light. Strip Naked Twister was amazing and everything I hoped it would be; really any game that causes you to strip is always a blast.

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