Sex Games: Part 25 – Dirty Scrabble

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Sex Games: part 25 - Dirty Scrabble I have always loved to play scrabble, and since my husband and I have been enjoying turning classic games and board games into sex games we decided to try with Scrabble. The general rule of Sexy Scrabble is that each word that is made must be sexual or within the realm of general vulgarity. Sounds easy enough, but actually making that many dirt words out of the letters you draw blind just doesn’t seem very likely. I don’t know about you, but we like to get down to business, we add these games as a form of foreplay to spice things up, certainly not to prolong being intimate. A game like described above seems as though it could take hours to complete; that’s just not something we’re interested in. below is a list of different ways to spice up scrabble; you can choose to apply one, two or even all of the sexy alterations.

  1. We changed it up a bit and kept the original rules of scrabble, however, the twist is that for every sexual word and profanity you will receive an additional 50 points. Of course some of the words you are going to use may or may not be found online (if it’s slang) or in a dictionary for sexual innuendos. Because you both get to decide if the word passes or fails, please be honest and fair when deciding if the word is acceptable.
  2. Another way to spice up this classic is for every body part you spell out, your partner must kiss that body part; whatever it may be, toe, foot, ear, nose, naught bits, etc.
  3. As you may be able to tell from my previous articles, I love to make most sex games into strip sex games. So obviously playing Strip Scrabble seems like a great idea. A piece of clothing comes off for every 50 points earned. But here’s the twist, for every word you get wrong, your partner must put back on an article of clothing.

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