Sex Games: part 28 – Wrestling

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Sex Games: Part 28 - wrestling Wrestling with your spouse is always so much fun. There’s something about watching my husband’s arm muscles tense, the feeling you get from the entanglement, the heat radiating off our bodies and the competition. It’s sexy, passionate and makes for great foreplay. I often win our wrestling matches, usually because I like to play dirty; all is fair in love and wrestling. However, there are a couple of rules to husband and wife wrestling:

  1. You are to cause no real pain to your partner (i.e. no drawing blood or leaving damaging marks) Tip: Make sure you both discuss what you’ll allow before starting. Spanking, nibbling, scratching are permitted if agreed upon before hand
  2.  No faking an injury to get your spouse to stop. I know this is an often used, usually successful, tactic; however, you should refrain from using it and play fair.
  3. Try your hardest to win; the winner gets rewarded and the loser will be punished.

Round 1: When we wrestle, we usually start off in a t-shirt and underwear, no bra, no socks. The initial goal is to remove your partner’s underwear and shirt before they remove yours. Be careful though, a lot of my favorite panties have been torn this way. Sometimes, he cheats and literally rips them off of me; though I don’t mind much in the moment, I have definitely, learned to wear panties that I don’t care much for, or wouldn’t mind losing to a causality at war.

Round 2: Try regular, armature, holds and submissions. I’m assuming you don’t have any real wrestling experience so just come up with your own moves if you aren’t familiar with any professional ones.

Round 3: Next it’s sexual submission. Try things like, she holds onto his penis and preforms masturbation while not letting go and he rubs her until she can’t handle it anymore. Try adding oils and lubes.

For women, it’s nice to see our men as the more dominate being, especially in the bedroom. It’s the knowledge that, in most cases, he’s stronger than you. For men, it’s seeing their wife resist, to fight with everything they have to come out on top; a strong willed women is always a sexy treat. The further into the wrestling you get, the hotter the competition becomes for both of you. You’ll be pinching, nibbling, slipping fingers in, etc.

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