Sex Games: Part 29 – Freaky Friday

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Sex Games: 29 - Freaky FridaySex isn’t always serous all the time. We’ve all been though the embarrassing noises that we weren’t sure were normal, the smells, and the sights. It can make things pretty uncomfortable if you aren’t opening minded and able to laugh it off sometimes. Obviously this doesn’t mean it’s ok to laugh every time your partner queefs, but you also should close up and hide when it happens either.

In this game, you’ll laugh at each other, mimic each other, and have really passionate sex. You will almost get to full understand what it is like to be your partner during sex. You both will wear something of your partners, try to look like them, talk like them, make the noises they make. It’s important to get into character as much as possible. If your husband has facial hair, draw it on, if your wife has long hair, try on a wig.

I admit at first you won’t be able to help but to laugh at the sight of your husband in your lingerie, or to see your wife with a drawn on mustache. She will become as aggress, or passive if that’s his thing, and her spouse, he will try to be as flexible as his wife is. Eventually you’ll really start to get into your roll, and then the sex begins. Obviously, she doesn’t have the right equipment, but if he’s on top a majority of the time, she should be on top. If she’s the one to preform mostly during foreplay, then he needs to take that on. The rolls are truly reversed and it is such a turn on to try something out of the ordinary, something you wouldn’t usually do.

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