Sex Games: Part 3 – Step Strip

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Sex Games: Part 3 - Step Strip Teasing is the best way to build up sexual tension. There are many forms of teasing which vary from not touching, touching and even talking. By bringing sexual tension to the relationship, especially when it comes to teasing your husband mercilessly and bringing him close to climax, you will intensify his orgasm. Ultimately, your goal while teasing is to arouse your partner enough for sexual desire.

Teasing your spouse doesn’t always have to immediately result in sex. It can be fun for you both to start teasing at the beginning of your day, giving you and your partner something to look forward to after work or after the kids have gone to bed. Though, if you are looking for new ways to tease your spouse, the step strip game is perfect.

Step Strip

The teasing aspect will drive up his and her lust and your spouse will also learn new things about you.

  1. Sit, fully clothed, in bed and have your spouse stand at the doorway to the bedroom.

  2. Test how well he or she knows you by asking them questions about yourself.

    Tip: The questions can range from sex (what your favorite position) to personal (name your dream vacations spot)

  3. For each correct answer he or she gets to move one step closer to you

  4. You get to decide if the answer is worthy of an article of clothing.

  5. For each incorrect answer he or she gets wrong they take a step back.

  6. Once he or she gets enough correct answers to reach the bed, go at it.

Examples Sexual Questions

  1. What is my favorite position?
  2. What is my favorite part on your body?
  3. What turns me on the most?
  4. Describe my favorite fantasy
  5. Name the spot on my body that, when touched, always turns me on

Examples of Personal Questions

  1. Name my dream vacation spot
  2. What is my favorite pastime?
  3. Describe my dream date
  4. What is my favorite movie?
  5. What is my favorite type of food?

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