Sex Games: Part 4 – Find and Use

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The use of sex toys during foreplayThe use of sex toys can be pleasurable for you and your partner. These toys can be used during foreplay and even during sex. Not to replace your partner, but simply to enhance occasionally or spice things up. We’re in 2014, sex toys are not unheard of and are not uncommon. So, why is it so intimidating to add these to your love life? In the minds of many, a sex toy is either a giant silicone penis or an old-school jelly vibrator, when in fact, there are many less intimidating options to start with.

It is important to talk to your spouse about the possibility of sex toys openly before things start to heat up. Do your research, you can look online, read reviews and even take your spouse on a trip to an Adult Store. Make sure to stress the fact that this is merely an enhancement, kind of like the effect of candles or soft music. Let him know that you are not dissatisfied with him, that he still pleases you; you’re just looking for a little exploration. A great way to add this to your love life, after you have openly discussed it, can be successfully completed with the Find and Use game. You can buy the items you choose, ranging from vibrating cock rings to bondage, and then hide them around the house for your spouse to find and use.

Find and Use

Similar to the game hide and seek, except you’re looking for hidden sex toys and when you find them, you use them.

  1. Purchase items to be used during foreplay.

    Tip: Intimate massager, personal vibrator, fingerpod touch, ad Gspot stimulators are all great choices to start with and to stick with.

  2. Place these items all over the house

  3. Have your spouse look for these items

    Tip: You can offer “hot” or “cold” hints

  4. Once your partner finds a toy, they use it

    Remember: You can also include toys that can be used throughout sex, (i.e. Vibrating dildos, vibrating cock rings etc), but you’ll want to start with foreplay toys and continue on with toys that ultimately lead to mutual enjoyment during intercourse.

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