Sex Games: Part 7 – Don’t Get Caught

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Sex Games: Part 7 - Don't Get CaughtWhen my husband and I were first dating, we used to go at it like rabbits; more often than not, we would have sex a few times a day. In the car, in the bathroom of a restaurant, it didn’t matter where we were, not even just sex, we just couldn’t keep our hands off of each other. After a bit of time, that tends to wear down and life starts happening, your life together. There isn’t that thrill or sense of urgency because at the beginning of every day, you wake up to your spouse, and at the end of every day, you fall asleep next to them. You know when the next time you see them will be; it won’t be days, but hours. There is no reason to make love or have a quickie the first chance you get because it will happen; after all, you know where they sleep.

Bringing back the thrill you once had to your relationship is very important; it’s hot, sometimes kinky and gets you both revved up! Playing a game of Don’t Get Caught is fun and adventurous and is the perfect solution.

Don’t Get Caught

Try testing your stealth-like abilities by seeing how far you can go without getting caught. Start with the first, easiest, challenge they get increasingly trickier as you go along. This game is best played in a public place, like dinner then a movie.

  1.       Start by teasing whoever is driving (husband or wife) with a little eye candy while the car is not in motion (for safety reasons).

Tip:this can range from showing a certain part of your body to touching yourself for their arousal.

  1.       Once you’ve taken your seat, either of you should begin whispering sweet nothings in your partner’s ear.
  2. Then, she should start by massaging his package under the table.
  3.       He should reach under the table and do the same on the outside of her panties
  4.       You can continue this mutual stimulation in the car on the way to the theater, or pick up where you left off by switching drivers and following number 1
  5.       Once at the theater, go high school, sit in the back and make out; kissing is the gateway to intercourse.

Though taking it “all the way” isn’t recommend for public indecency and all other illegal purposes, anything else you wish to add to this list is up to you and your partner. The whole idea behind this game is to bring back the feelings you got from not being able to keep your hands off of each other; the risk of getting caught.


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