The Symbolism of Sex

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Different cultures throuhgout the world assign different symbolism to sexThroughout the world, different cultures assign different meaning to sex. Traditionally, sex has often been seen as a symbol between the connecting of mankind with deity, in addition to the literal union between masculinity and femininity. For example, watch the documentary: “Sex in the Ancient World (Egypt)”. While there’s much to learn about this fascinating subject, I think a more important subject is what sex symbolizes in your particular relationship.

Have you ever thought about sex symbolically? If so, what does it mean to you? Do you find any symbolism or meaning in the shapes of male and female bodies, in the differing characteristics between men and women, in the way they come together and compliment each other, or in the process of sex? Do you find anything symbolic about the effects of sex (i.e. birth)? Aside from pleasure, what do you and your spouse gain from your most intimate moments together? Do you feel that this special connection has effects over other parts of your life? Where does sex fit into your set of values, priorities, and life goals?

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