Turning Any Table-top Game into a Sex Game

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Discover the art of turning any table-top game into a sex gameFor a rocking good time in the bedroom, you don’t need to purchase a library of expensive sex games, nor do you have enough space under your bed to hide them all. Just about any old board game will do just fine, whether for kids or adults. Here are some ideas for transforming you average table-top games into something much more fun for lovers:

  1. Twister – with no or little clothes. ’nuff said on that. Though here’s another idea: assign each of the colors to a part of the body, so when you spin “right hand on green,” you may interpret “right hand on breasts.” Ooh la la!
  2. Monopoly – when your spouse lands on your hotel, demand sexual services instead of money. The more desperate they become, the more fun! Don’t be ashamed to throw out the rules altogether and use the pretend money to become the greedy, sleeze bag you’ve always fantasized about being.
  3. Chess – as an alternative to the classic Strip Poker, each lost piece could warrant the removal of a clothing article or the giving a particular service. For example, a pawn could be worth a kiss, a bishop a full makeout session, etc.
  4. Candy Land – again, you could assign an action to each color, such as red = kiss, and green = caress. Each different section of the board game could represent a different part of the body. So, for example, if you land on green in the Lollipop Woods, your action might be to caress your spouse’s genitals. Perhaps every special card you draw (you know, the chocolate, or the gum drop, or the gingerbread man) requires your spouse to strip off an article of clothing.
  5. Chutes and Ladders – why not take the 10 levels in Chutes and Ladders and turn them into 10 degrees of nakedness? Of course, you’ll each need 10 clothing articles, but hey, the more aniticpation, the better! When you climb up a ladder, you score! When you fall down a chute, sadly, your spouse will have to put something back on.

You get the idea. The possibilites are endless!

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