Working Out for a Sexier Body? You’re Probably Wasting Your Time

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Exercise isn't the cure-all solution for fat-burning you think it isAbout two years ago, I went with my wife to an exercise gym. After some quality workout time at the machines and running around the track, we decided it was time to relax in the hot tub. To this day I remember a vivid image of bending down to climb into the bubbling water and being startled at how many tucks and rolls were hanging from my belly. That night, my wife said, “It seems that both of us could lose a little weight.” “Both of us,” of course, meant me.

A month or two later, I was at a water park when a friend looked from his own bulging belly to mine and said, “What’s happened to us?” These were defining moments. I knew it was time to lose weight, but it was a hard pill to swallow, because I’d always prided myself in never having dieted. Furthermore, I couldn’t understand how this monstrous thing on my abdomen had gotten there in the first place. I’d been going to the gym quite religiously, often putting in a half hour per day of heavy weight lifting or running on the treadmill. And yet I had a gut. Interestingly, I realized that two of my bosses, who ran marathons, also had considerably guts. I soon realized that the culprit was our nine to five desk jobs. So much inactivity, with so much accessibility to calorically-dense food, was a force that no thirty minute blasts of exercise, even on a daily basis, could atone for. To make things worse, I’d recently read a similar article to this: “30 Minutes of Exercise More Effective Than 60,”, which argued that exercising for more than thirty minutes was a waste of time. Thus, I was forced to admit that my philosophy of “it doesn’t matter what you eat, it only matters what you do” was dead wrong. As much as I hated it, I had to diet.

And boy was I glad I did. I started by cutting out refined starches, sugars, and processed foods. I gave myself weekends off, which helped make this radical transition easier. A few weeks into the diet, I started feeling so good that I resolved never to go back. And the truth is, unless you feel this way, you’re also wasting your time. Diets frequently cause more harm than good UNLESS they become lifestyle changes. I eventually took out almost all animal products and now enjoy almost a purely plant-based diet. While I’m not trying to sell you on the befits of veganism or any other crazy diet, the reality is that I lost about thirty-five pounds within a matter of months and have since enjoyed a trimmer body and better overall health. The lesson I learned was that you can’t work your way into a better body if you have a poor diet. Period.

It should go without saying why a healthier body leads to a better sex life. Increased stamina, greater flexibility and mobility, improved self worth and sexual appeal are just a few reasons. Of course, a good spouse will love you in spite of your physical imperfections, but that shouldn’t persuade you to be any less than your best self. If you’re under the illusion that a better body is the light at the end of a distant tunnel of hard exercise, perhaps so far away that you’ve lost hope, the truth is that all that may be standing between you and the perfect, sexy body you’ve always wanted … is spinach.

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